You Love to Give–What About Receiving?

One of my favorite authors and  speakers is Randy Gage. His post today was about how good we are, not at giving, but at receiving. While others are writing this week about giving, Randy wrote about receiving–and rightfully so.

We are more comfortable with giving than receiving, myself included. And before you say, “Not me, I don’t have any problem with receiving”–stop and think about it. Are you that confident–or would it be worth taking a second look?

What would you like more of for 2014? Do you want more love, health, friendship, peace of mind, a sense of your worth or recognition of how powerful you are? Then think about what Randy says here:

“Every day the universe poses a very profound question to you.  It wants to know: Exactly how much abundance are you willing to accept today? And how you answer that question each and every day determines the amount of health, happiness and success you will achieve for your life.”

It’s easy for us to be fooled about this. It’s easy for us to think that our “problems” in life have to do with anything but our need to grow in our ability to open our hearts and spirit to receive.

Is Randy’s question comfortable for you to think about? Or do you find yourself wanting to dismiss it and to give other reasons for not having more of what you want, deserve and are capable of having and experiencing in life?

If you think you need to be smarter or to work harder to get more of what you want, I want to challenge that.  As a former psychotherapist who is now a coach, I know how to help others change their lives and get more of what they want out of life.

I.Q., talent and hard work will only get you so far. I’ve had far too many clients who excelled in all three areas but who struggled in some way to lived the life they once dreamed about.

Along the way, I’ve learned that the foundation for our success and well-being is our ability to deeply love and accept ourselves. Everything else flows from this one thing.

And one very important clue to what degree we love and accept self is our ability to receive. That takes us back to Randy’s question: “Exactly how much abundance are you willing to accept today?” (“Abundance” meaning all good things in life.)

If you want more in life and from life, the question to consider is “Exactly how much abundance are you willing to accept today?”






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