Motivation: Digging Deeper Into What You REALLY Want

Christmas has come and gone.

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Was there something you wanted but didn’t tell anyone?

But even more important, are you getting what you want in your life?

I often tell clients (and myself) that knowing what we really want is often a bigger challenge than most realize

We can identify a desire but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something underneath that desire that is even more important and motivating that we haven’t identified yet.

You might think knowing what you want is easy.

After all, if we want something, really want it, wouldn’t we know it?

The fact is, when we think about what we want, we often stop short in the discovery process.

The result is we end up knowing what we want on some level but missing what we want even more.

A sales manager tells me he or she wants more sales from his or her team. And they do want that.

Yet, what does that sales manager want even more than increased sales?

A client tells me he wants to stop feeling depressed and anxious. And he does want that. But then what?

What will they want when they aren’t depressed and anxious?

The answers to that question will give us insight into clearing up the depression and anxiety.

We say we want all kinds of things, don’t we?

And, yes, we want all those things.

 But do any of those things represent what we most want?

Not knowing what we want on deeper levels often leads to us getting what we want and still feeling unfulfilled and not so happy.

We can get what we wan and have incredible “success” and still feel restless or even empty inside.

What if we dug deeper into our wants?

What would we discover?

The deeper clarity we have on we really want, the more motivation flows, the more we take action, and the more we love the process and the journey.

What do you think about this? Leave a comment or a question.

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