Sorry Admiral McCraven But Your Advice On Performance Improvement Might Actually Hurt Performance

An Elite Performance Tip for Salespeople (And applicable to all of us):

Admiral McCraven tells us that if we want to change the world, we should start by making our beds (in his video that went viral).

I say, maybe, maybe not.

Instead, find what works for you.

With great respect for Admiral McCraven, after hearing his advice on always making your bed first thing in the morning, it occurred to me that making your bed might or might not help you (or someone else) perform better.

Here’s why I say that: When we listen to an elite performer’s advice and take it literally, that can hurt our performance in some instances.

Yet, if we take the principle of what Admiral McCraven said, we can conclude, “One way I can elevate my performance is to identify one small behavior that fits me, motivates me, and then execute that behavior consistently. Not perfectly but with enough consistency to see the results I want.”

The magic is in finding what works for us, not someone else.

The fact is that elite performers can make for bad coaches, whether in sports or elsewhere. Not always, but often.

We know that high sales performers who are made sales managers often bomb when it comes to developing others. Why is that?

One reason is they mistakenly think that what works for them should work for everyone on their team.

Another reason is they often can’t relate to the struggles an “average performer” or an “underperformer” has.

They just can’t understand why someone isn’t taking their advice and running with it.

And that often leads them to blame that person instead of questioning whether their coaching needs to be adjusted.

When that happens, we end up with two frustrated people.

What do you think?

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