Coach Yourself to Greatness

Coach Yourself to Greatness

Last year a large government agency related to health asked me to design and facilitate a two day workshop on coaching for their supervisors and managers. I did the workshop twice last year and because of the results I’m doing it again twice this year. I’m also working with other companies and private clients to maximize their performance and to thrive in every way. More and more, we are realizing that coaching unleashes the greatness in all of us.

“Coaching” explains why certain leaders, managers, parents, teachers, sport coaches, sales professionals and many others are highly effective and others are less effective. Coaching is a process wrapped up in a relationship where a “coach” believes in the worth and greatness of an individual or team and that coach knows how to nurture and unleash that worth and greatness.

If you want to learn how to coach yourself more effectively, here are a three ways you can do that:


  • Recognize your greatness:

 How much you believe in yourself and your view of who you are deep down and what you believe you are capable of will determine your growth and transformation. And it’s not enough to consciously know you have greater potential—you have to know that on deeper subconscious levels.

Read my book Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness and other books or listen to audios and watch videos that help you to recognize and embrace your greatness.


  • Love yourself:

Learn how to be more accepting, supportive and gracious with yourself. If you think you’ve mastered this, you’re mistaken. None of us have. Self-love is the foundation for everything else, including loving others, getting along with others and influencing others.

It’s also the foundation for your career, your health, your happiness and your sense of self-worth. As a leader, when people know you care about them and want to help them achieve their goals and dreams, they will follow you anywhere.


  • Challenge yourself:

I help my clients to be and to do what they don’t know they can be and do. I give them a lot of support along the way in the form of positive feedback but I also challenge them in ways they have never been challenged before. I enable them to see things they haven’t seen before, to think on levels they’ve never thought before and to take action they’ve never taken before.

Ask yourself today how you can challenge yourself to greater things. Remember, the more you recognize your greatness and the more love and support you give yourself, the more you can effectively challenge yourself.

Use these three ways to coach yourself and see what happens. When you’re ready, give me a call or email me and we can talk about how I can coach you to go beyond your current limits. If you’re a manager or executive in your company, we can talk about me coaching you on how to be an extraordinary coach to your team or company.






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