You Can Have More Happiness, Here’s How

If you read a book on happiness or listen to a speaker on the topic, we’re told that many, if not most people, have a happiness problem—they’re just not that happy.

You won’t hear that from me though. I think most people are fairly happy.

They’re “happy” in several areas of their life but not with every area of their life. Things aren’t terrible but they’re far from being what they hoped they would be.

The thing is, people get used to life being “Okay.”

Somewhere along the line, they’ve given up on how things could be.

The fact is it’s easy for us to settle in life. It’s one of the easiest things to do. No one is going to come along and shake you and say, “Wake up!” because they’re half-asleep as well and they don’t even notice everyone else settling for what is instead of figuring out how to create something great for themselves.

If you know that, I have a big announcement.

Today I’m excited to announce my new audio program, Enlightened Happiness: Seven Keys to Creating an Exceptional Life.

It’s easy to listen to because it’s only two hours or so and divided into fifteen minute segments full of insights, tips, strategies and coaching exercises. It comes with a workbook and a transcript of the audio so you can read about how to dramatically change your life, a few pages a day.

At the end of this post, I’m going to share with you how you can get this at a sixty-percent savings for a very limited time.

Only one other person besides me has listened to my new audio program, the award winning morning talk radio show host Wayne Kelly. Wayne is my producer and he’s said this about Enlightened Happiness, “After interviewing thousands of speakers and best-selling authors, I heard things from Alan I never heard from anyone before.”

Let me tell you a little bit about what my audio program and workbook covers.

• Why fear isn’t the biggest thing holding you back (despite what you’ve been told) and what’s really holding you back from living more and more from your true potential.
• Why you have to prioritize your happiness and what that means.
• I answer the question of is it reasonable to want your dream job.
• You’ll discover my “Career Success Formula” and where you might be falling short.
• I answer the question, “Isn’t prioritizing my happiness a little selfish?”
• You’ll find coaching exercises in the workbook to instantly create more happiness. I call them “Happiness Hacks,” shortcuts to happiness you can use every day.
• How to change your self-talk from thoughts and beliefs that sell you short and that makes your life more frustrating and difficult than it has to be.
• Learn how to use self-talk that enables you to think bigger, be more confident and take more action to create an exceptional life instead of staying where you are.
• Specific ways to transform your relationship with your significant other, work better together and discover what you want and need in your relationship.
• I tell you the biggest thing that might be keeping you from being more happy in your most significant relationship.
• How you can use stress to change your life in amazing ways.
• How to quickly give yourself the support you need to change your toughest challenge.
• Why you’re likelier happier than you realize and how you can use that to be even happier and make it more consistent.

I’m really excited about this audio program and workbook. I think it can change your life in exciting ways if you get it and use the ideas and coaching exercises I give you. I’m so sure of that I am giving you a no-risk way to get it by giving a four month no questions asked guarantee.

The thing is, Enlightened Happiness: Seven Keys to Creating an Exceptional Life won’t be available for another two weeks. However, if you’re even thinking about getting it, I don’t want you to make a decision now. Email me at or call me and tell me to put you on my VIP list for Enlightened Happiness. That means I’ll email you and let you know when you can get it. If you decide then to get the program you can get it for only $30.00 instead of the $77.00 everyone else will pay.

Here’s why I am doing this. In return for the big discount, I’m asking you to give me a testimonial after using the program to change your life. I need your testimonial to share with those who will be considering getting their own copy of Enlightened Happiness: Seven Keys to Creating an Exceptional Life.

If you want to wait until I have more information about what the program will do for you, I understand. I’ll have much more information about it soon. But if you’re one of the first to get it and do so at the discount I’m offering, I want to make it easy for you to do so.

And I’m going to ask you for a big favor—will you forward this to people you know who just might want to know how to thrive in life, to deal with their challenges, to grow their self-confidence and sense of self-worth? That would mean a lot to me.

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