Warren Buffett Is an Idiot And We Can Learn a Lot From Him

You might be thinking I’m the idiot for saying Warren Buffett is an idiot. Fair enough.

But I’m only repeating what Mr. Buffett said about himself.

Just recently, his investment company invested in Amazon and here’s what Mr. Buffet said:

  • “I’ve been an idiot for not buying (2019)
  • In 2018 Buffett said, “I had no idea that it had the potential. I blew it.”

What can we learn from this?

(1) Everyone has blind spots and make mistakes.

(2) Self-esteem allows us to own our mistakes, learn from them, and still feel absolutely great about ourselves

In fact, when we feel bad about ourselves when we make a mistake or fail, the cause of the bad feeling about self is inadequate self-esteem.

We’ve all been there and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

The key is to keep growing our self-esteem, self-worth, and learning how to feel positive about ourselves.

It takes strong self-esteem and self-worth to do great things in life, whether at work or in our relationships.

I’m sure when Mr. Buffett said he’s an idiot, he was being lighthearted–he wasn’t taking what he said seriously.

How can he joke around like that and admit he missed such a lucrative investment for so long?

My guess is he focuses far more on his wins than he does his losses.

And we all have a lot more wins than we realize, especially when things are not going so great.

What if we gave more attention to our successes and our strengths?

Would that create more positive mental and emotional energy? More confidence and optimism?

If so, what might that do?

It’s easy to be a critic, especially a self-critic.

But it’s empowering to acknowledge your effort (however small or big) and to feel good about the wins.

Mindset matters and mastering our mindset changes everything.

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