Changing Human Behavior, Yours or Someone Else’s

If you’re human, there’s been a time when you’ve tried to change something about yourself or your team at work or in your family  and you’ve failed. Welcome to the club! If you’re a leader or manager, you can remember a time (or many times!) you wanted to pull your hair out trying to help someone […]

Why This Success Guru Is Just Plain Wrong

I read a lot. It all began when I was a teenager and read a short book, Your Greatest Power. That began my quest to better understand myself, to gain insight into human behavior, happiness and yes, “success.” Today I read an article by a prolific writer who deals with these topics. He has a […]

Why “Just Do It” Is Great For Nike But Not For You

When it comes to “motivating” others (and ourselves) there are three well-known phrases I see and hear a lot: “Just Do It!” “No excuses!” “No one owes you anything!” As a former psychotherapist and now as a coach for the past decade, I have spent thousands of hours with individuals and couples and also with […]

Are You Amazing? Really, What Do You Think?

Rumi was a 13th century Persian mystic poet, someone with mind-blowing insights into life, meaning, spirituality and human potential. Here’s what he wrote about human potential: You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You are not meant for […]

The Amazon Uproar: Happiness at Work Matters

  A couple of weeks ago The New York Times ran a scathing article portraying the Amazon work culture as anything but a happy environment. Whether that’s true or not, the question of happiness in the workplace is on our minds again and that’s a good thing. We need to keep the conversation going because […]

How To Get The Promotion or Raise You Deserve

A client of mine was just offered a management position. More than that, he was offered a significant raise and very attractive overall compensation package. That happened because he knows some things most people don’t. What about you? Would you like a raise? Have you been thinking about asking for a raise? If you asked […]

Getting Real About Leadership

I’m happy to feature a guest post from Bill Treasurer, Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting and author of the book Leaders Open Doors. It’s a refreshing book on what makes extraordinary leaders and it’s a short read.   Originally published at Thin Difference on 5/15/2013.  Getting Real about Leadership – by Bill Treasurer […]

Leaders: What Your Followers Are Afraid to Say

When it comes to leadership, the higher you go, the more isolated and insulated you become from your followers. That means you’re not likely to even know the one question that’s on the mind of every one on your team or in your organization. What question is that, you ask? It’s this question: “Why should […]