Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today

Alan’s “Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today”

  1. How will I communicate with myself today to fuel my mind, body and spirit? (The truth is, if you master this one thing, you will be living in a rare space.)
  2. How can I offer myself unconditional support, on all levels, to thrive today?
  3. Who is most important in my life and how will I let them know that today? (Consider this question in context of work, family and friends.)
  4. How will I recognize, honor and celebrate (on some level) who I am and the gifts I bring to the world today?
  5. In what way can I challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone today to test my limits?
  6. What are one to three things I did or experienced yesterday that gives me positive energy when I think about it? (An achievement, something I am grateful for, progress towards a meaningful goal, helping someone in some way,listening to someone, etc.)
  7. What are my top three priorities for today?

(c) 2014, Alan Allard, Genius Dynamics, Inc.

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