Mastering Stress & Overwhelm

Changing Human Behavior, Yours or Someone Else’s

If you’re human, there’s been a time when you’ve tried to change something about yourself or your team at work or in your family  and you’ve failed. Welcome to the club! If you’re a leader or manager, you can remember a time (or many times!) you wanted to pull your hair out trying to help someone […]

Three Ways Change Can Be Easier and Faster

What’s the number one thing we hear most about change? Here it is: “People hate change.” Yet, everywhere we turn people talk about how they want things to change. Sales leaders want more sales. Managers want their teams to pick up the pace and do better work. We want our significant relationships to grow instead […]

Happiness Fuels Performance (It’s Time We Took Our Heads Out of the Sand)

We’re in a challenging market that makes it harder for companies to find the talent they need. Now is the time every leader and manager should be thinking, “How can we improve the performance of the employees we currently have?” Given that, it’s time leaders paid more attention to the connection between happiness and human […]

Happiness Is A Damn Good Litmus Test

I define happiness as feeling positive about yourself and the progress you’re making in key areas of your life. Think about your work, your significant relationship, your goals, and even your big dream. These are all things that can and should contribute to our happiness and sense of well-being. But what is happiness, really? You’re […]

The Power of E + ER = D0 to Change Your Life

Jack Canfield either originated or popularized the formula E + R = O: Event + Response = Outcome. The problem is most people respond to a challenging event with an automatic, subconscious response: E + AR = O: Event + Automatic Response = Outcome. We could also call our Automatic Response a Conditioned Response. That explains […]

Why This Success Guru Is Just Plain Wrong

I read a lot. It all began when I was a teenager and read a short book, Your Greatest Power. That began my quest to better understand myself, to gain insight into human behavior, happiness and yes, “success.” Today I read an article by a prolific writer who deals with these topics. He has a […]

The Hardest Question in Life to Answer

  Years ago I had a friend who sold life insurance. He didn’t really like it and he only made enough money to pay his bills. I suggested he find another kind of sales job; one he was better suited for and one he enjoyed. He insisted he just needed to be more disciplined and focused—that, […]


Happiness—it’s such a broad topic and one we tend to make more difficult than necessary. At work and in life, your level of happiness couldn’t be more important. I was recently a guest on The Energy of Success Podcast, hosted by author, speaker, and trainer Marc Schwartz. Marc is an excellent interviewer and the topic […]

What’s Your Real Potential? (Video)

Last week I watched a video of women gymnastics, comparing Olympic gymnasts from the 1950’s and those currently competing. I’m sharing it to ask the question, “What is our real potential?” What have we learned since the 50’s in terms of the human body’s potential, mental potential and so on? Here’s the video–it’s the first […]