Three Ways Change Can Be Easier and Faster

What’s the number one thing we hear most about change? Here it is: “People hate change.”

Yet, everywhere we turn people talk about how they want things to change.

Sales leaders want more sales. Managers want their teams to pick up the pace and do better work.

We want our significant relationships to grow instead of stagnating. We want better careers and fulfillment from our work. We want to be happier and to live with more purpose and meaning. All that involves change–and we want that change.

The truth is we all want change because we want things to be better. If everything stayed the same we’d be bored out of our minds.

If you want to achieve a change, make a change, experience a change, think about these three things:

(1) Here’s How to Make Change Easier and Faster

Choose ONE thing to focus on for the next 30-90 days. If you’re managing someone, make a list of what you want them to improve and then pick one thing to help them on. Success breeds success; empower them to succeed with one thing and after it’s “cemented” you can use that positive momentum for another positive change.

(2) Choosing the Goal Means Choosing the Process

When you choose your life partner, you’re not just choosing him or her. You’re also choosing their family and their friends. You’re not just choosing their strengths, you’re also choosing their weaknesses.

It’s the same when you choose a goal to achieve or to have something. We can’t say we want something but not the process that gets us there. For instance, salespeople typically hate prospecting but when they choose sales they are also choosing the need to prospect regularly.

If you’re not making progress with something, look for ways you are avoiding the process required for that progress. Find solutions to that, embrace the process and watch the results roll in.

(3) Stay the Course

If you’re doing the things that will lead to the positive change you want, that improvement or that achievement, it still takes time for results to materialize. Some things take longer. As I wrote here you have to “stay the course.” High achievers can struggle with this because one of their strengths is having a sense of urgency. They want tomorrow right now! If you believe you’re working the right process, stick with it. The payoff will be worth your patience.

If you have any tips for making change easier, personal or business, comment below and help us all out! Questions? Fire away. And if you like this, please forward to friends, colleagues and family.




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