Happiness Is A Damn Good Litmus Test

I define happiness as feeling positive about yourself and the progress you’re making in key areas of your life. Think about your work, your significant relationship, your goals, and even your big dream. These are all things that can and should contribute to our happiness and sense of well-being.

But what is happiness, really?

You’re happy when you experience any kind of positive emotion. That simplifies things, doesn’t it?

Yet, we can’t always be “happy” because that’s not realistic–that’s not real life. That’s why I say happiness is a litmus test to determine how things are going. If you’re not happy at work, at home, with your body, with your core friendships, something isn’t right. Something is missing. Something is ready for a change.

Apply the happiness litmus test to your work, your relationships, progress on your main goals in life and in your career, or to anything.

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Happiness isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be. It’s easier to be happier, more optimistic, fulfilled and motivated than you think, if you know how. Everyone deserves to feel happy and to feel like you are capable of achieving your goals. If you want to be happier or want to help someone else, don’t wait, get my book today.  http://amzn.to/1iIs8VE

Then email me if you have any questions about applying the seven secrets at work, at home, and in your overall life. Yes, you will hear back from me and I’ll answer your questions!

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