How to Create What You Want in 2015

If you want to know what 2015 will be like for you, it’s not hard to predict.

What will happen over the next twelve months is largely dependent upon what you expect to happen—what you believe will happen.

2015 won’t be what you want it to be. What you believe and expect to happen will happen That’s how you can predict what 2015 will be like for you.  That’s true for your career, your relationships, your health, your income and your happiness.

I’m not talking about what you believe and expect on a conscious level. I’m talking about what you really believe and expect for next year—what your subconscious beliefs and expectations are.

You will not make your dreams come true—you will make your beliefs come true. That’s what your subconscious mind does. It takes your innermost beliefs and transforms them into your outer reality.

When you see someone that is thriving in some area of life (or many)—that tells you they have two things that allow them to succeed:

  • Beliefs
  • Skills

Of the two, beliefs are by far the most important. That’s because even before you have the skills you have to have enough belief that you can develop the skills. Your beliefs are the most important for another reason. You can have the ability to achieve something but also have beliefs that keep you from fully using those abilities.

If you have the skills/abilities to excel but don’t believe you will succeed or don’t believe you are worthy to succeed, what’s going to happen?

On the other hand, if you have the skills and the supporting beliefs you need to succeed, what’s going to happen? That’s right—success, fulfillment and happiness will happen.

That’s why William James, considered to be the father of psychology said, “Belief creates the actual fact.”

If you want to be and to do amazing things in 2015, you have to believe you can. And how would you know what you believe? The two litmus tests are your behaviors and the results you are creating.

Our behavior and our results always tell us what we really believe. Both success and failure start from within. “As within, so without.”

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My best to you for a spectacular 2015.

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