Three Simple Ways To Boost Your Happiness Today

When was the last time someone asked you, “What can I do for you that would make you happy today?”Has it been a while? I’m not suggesting you don’t have people who care for you, I know you do. However, I do know everyone (your family, friends and co-workers)  is busier than ever and have plenty on their minds besides you.

 It’s nice when others do something that makes us happy, but you can’t leave your happiness up to others. With that in mind, why not ask yourself today, and every day, “What can I do to boost my happiness today?”

Here are three suggestions:

Brighten someone else’s day:
Yes, this is about what you can do to make yourself happier today.  It’s just coincidental that brightening someone else’s day will also increase your happiness at the same time. We know research backs that up, but you also know it’s true from your own experience. Why not make it a habit to choose someone every day and do something that will bring a smile to their face?

Go out of your way to thank someone across the hall at work, write a handwritten note to let a friend know you’re thinking of them or compliment someone in front of others. We can’t single-handedly save the world, but we can brighten someone’s day all by ourselves.

Give yourself a treat:
Remember a time when you told someone “This is on me, it’s my treat.” Maybe it was coffee at Starbucks or it was the time you paid for a friend’s lunch. Isn’t it time you began to treat yourself on a regular basis? Why not—you deserve it. Surprise yourself and do something for yourself you don’t normally do.

Buy yourself something non-essential that you can’t justify with logic—and tell yourself “Let me do this for you, it’s my treat!” It might sound crazy, but it’s not. We could call this DIY Happiness–Do It Yourself Happiness. There’s no need to wait until someone thinks of doing something thoughtful or nice for you. Make boosting your own happiness your personal mission.

Make your happiness a top priority:

All the suggestions and strategies in the world won’t work if you don’t use them consistently. The thing is, you won’t do even simple and easy things to boost your happiness unless you make it your number one priority or at least a top priority. Have you ever done that? Take some time to think this through and consciously decide how important happiness is to you.

Happiness doesn’t happen by accident. You have to decide to be happy and then become and do the things that will bring you happiness. Then find your own ways to boost your happiness that are simple, easy to do–then make them a habit.

If you want help to increase your happiness, your success at work and being more fulfilled in life, that’s what I help my clients do. Give me a call today and we can set up a time to discuss how I can enable you to transform your life and your work and learn how to coach yourself to more happiness.


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