Magnetic Thinking

We’ve all heard of the Self-fulfilling prophecy.

What we believe and expect to happen tends to happen.

I call that “Magnetic Thinking.”

Our thinking, our beliefs, our assumptions and our expectations are infused with energy that attracts people, resources and circumstances that are aligned with our thoughts and beliefs.

Does that sound “Woo-woo” to you?

It’s not or I would call it “Magical Thinking” instead of “Magnetic Thinking.”

James Allen, considered to be the father of psychology put it this way: “Belief creates the actual fact.”

That’s why it’s so important (even if it’s challenging at times) to keep our minds on what we want, not on what we don’t want.

If you want to improve, substitute giving yourself positive feedback instead of criticizing yourself.

If you want better health, financial abundance or better relationships, you have to create that from the inside out with your thoughts and beliefs.

Criticizing and judging others, ourselves and our circumstances will increase the very things we don’t want. We get more of what we focus on, even if it’s more of what we don’t want.

If you have a boss at work that’s difficult, when you think of him or her, think the very best you can of him or her. At the very least, imagine him or her being the boss you want and deserve.

If that sounds simplistic or childish to you, you will keep criticizing, judging and viewing your boss as terrible, unfair or worse.

We know that doesn’t make things better. It only takes a toll on you, your mind, your spirit and your body. It creates tension, stress and goes in a less than useful direction.

Perhaps it’s time to try something different, even if it’s challenging or if it seems a little “out there.”

After all, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing…

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