Outrageously Positive

I have a client who gets up every morning with hope, optimism and and inspiration to live fully. The thing is she has every reason to wake up angry, cynical and even depressed. No one would blame her if she did because she has experienced enough tragedy, heartache and challenge that people are amazed she has hope and a vision for where her life is going.

She isn’t “outrageously positive” in the sense that she’s always smiling, laughing or saying, “Isn’t this great!” No, she’s outrageously positive in the sense that she’s had faced many challenges that would devestate most people and yet she moves forward with hope, vision and courage.

Being outrageously positive isn’t about saying everything is great. It’s about looking for and embracing faith, love and courage when you’re struggling at times and have to work hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being outrageoously positive is about working (yes, working) to keep your mind and spirit on what will nurture your mind and spirit despite what your outer circumstances might be. It’s about giving yourself permission to feel whatever you feel, whether that’s anger, cynicism or fear–but not staying there.

It’s about shifting your mind and spirit to anything that even resembles hope, love and courage even when you don’t feel like it.

Being outrageously positive isn’t about pretending you’re not in pain at times. It’s about choosing to look for and honoring progress and “success” when it seems so small compared to defeats or challenges.

You can be outrageously positive, not by denying something in your life that’s painful, but by choosing to also see, hear and feel whatever gives you even the tiniest amount of inspiration and positive energy.

That’s not easy to do and that’s why so few do it.

Most of us haven’t had to deal with what my client has had to deal with.

She is the exemplar showing us that living life from a chocie of being outrageous positive is possible.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

I’m sahing you can be that person who is outrageously positive.

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