Dark Night of the Soul & Taking Responsibility

About nine years ago I wasn’t doing well–in fact I was going through what some have called the “dark night of the soul.”

I was burned out, angry, confused and couldn’t see any way things were going to get better.

Things did get better, by far.

It took work and it took some time.

And it took taking responsibility.

Earlier today I tweeted this: “When we take one-hundred percent responsibility for our lives, without criticizing or blaming self, we begin to thrive.

(Because even with something we didn’t directly create in our life, we’re 100% responsbile for how we respond to it.)

Someone responded simply with, “Wow!”

I agree with their sentiment.

It’s easy to take responsibility for the small things. It can be challenging to do that with the bigger things.

However, the fact is, I’m 100% responsbile for:

-How much money I earn
-The realtionships I am in
-The “mood” I’m in at any given time
-The job I am in and how my work and career is going
-What I’m doing for my health and well-being
-The excuses I make (for whatever)

The biggest mistake I see people making is in saying, “I’m responsbile for this” and then criticizing self, blaming self for something.

That just takes the wind out of your sails.

Taking responsibility for any area of your life needs to be done with empathy, understanding and full support of your true self.

You’ll never criticize your way to doing better.

Give yourself the acceptance, respect and support you need and you can go beyond taking responsbility for any circumstance in your life, for your choices and behavior.

Do that and you will go beyond taking responsibility and enter the space where change will naturally take place.

If you want to make more money, get a better job, get healthier and fitter, yes take responsiblity for where you are. But remember, always remember to support yourself fully and unconditionally.

Be patient, understanding and nurture your ability to truly believe in yourself in amazing ways.

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