Master Your Stress Now: Three Keys

Stress is an integral part of life and how we respond to it will either fuel your success and well-being or pile on even more stress. Here are three tips to leveraging stress and making it work for you: * Understand the true nature of “Stress.” Stress is actually necessary for performing at your best. […]

Your Language and Your Reality

What do you think about when you think of the movie The Terminator? No doubt an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger pops up in your mind, and you hear his infamous line: “I’ll be back.” Remember, “Houston, we have a problem” from Apollo 13? What a riviting statement! Movies have the ability to mesmerize and entrance […]

You Only Have One Life… Why Not Go For It!

Hello… You are in the right place if you are always hungry for more…more of the very best that life has to offer you… Now with that in mind, I’d like to ask you a question that is designed to be a catalyst for creating more of the very things you desire, on conscious and […]

The Ultimate Skill To Dramatically Improve Your Career And Life: What Is It?

Is it really possible that there is a skill, an “ultimate skill,” that we can devote ourselves to learning, to mastering…that will reward us beyond our ability to comprehend? And if so, what would that one skill be? Why not sit down for a moment, take a break with your favorite beverage, and consider this […]

Business and Life Lessons From “The Apprentice”™

1. You Only Get One Chance To Make A “First Impression” Aaron blew it. Selected to be a project manager, he led his team to victory and then blew it in the boardroom with Trump! Here’s the background: The week his team won their task, he was invited to sit next to Trump and weigh […]

Business and Life Lessons From “The Apprentice”™

If you’ve ever watched the television show “The Apprentice™,” you know that it can be quite entertaining! And if you look under the surface of he personality clashes, the meltdowns, and the “egos gone wild,’ there is much for us to learn. There are two sides to the coin here, when it comes to learning […]