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Change Now–It Might Be Too Late Later

A little over a week ago, CPI Corp shut it’s doors. CPI who, you say? You might not know the name, but I bet you’ve seen them taking family portraits with the babies and small kids squirming and crying in their studios housed in Sears, Walmart and Babies R Us. About 2,700 portrait studios in […]

Employee Engagement: The List and The Mirror

Every company wants to be on The List—you know, the list of companies employees and customers rave about. Every leader and team member wants to be on The List of engaged, exceptional employees. If that’s so, why don’t we have a longer list? The reason is simple: To be on that list takes more than wanting to be […]

Who Owns Employee Engagement?

Nationwide CEO Steve Rasmussen was recently interviewed by on employee engagement and said, “Engagement is a state of mind. People either are engaged or they’re not. You can feel it. I can walk into any company, and I can tell you in 15 minutes whether people are engaged or not just by talking to them. […]

Leading an “Employee Engagement” Revolution

A consulting colleague told me today about a four day leadership meeting he facilitated. Everyone was excited. The CEO had been talking the event up and made sure everyone knew he would be there ready to participate. But the leadership event came and went–without the top leader–and without any explanations as to why he wasn’t […]

Employee Engagement: Where Do We Start?

“Employee engagement” is a hot topic in the workplace today–and for good reason. More and more “employees” are feeling stretched beyond their capacity, feeling under-appreciated and under-valued. (Please note that I didn’t say “under-paid.” For the most part, money isn’t the problem and more money isn’t the solution to the “employee engagement” problem.) Meanwhile, more […]

Happiness at Work?

How would you like to go work for a company, be treated to four weeks of incredible training, and then be offered $2,000 to quit? Crazy, right? Not according to Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and the author of Delivering Happiness. There’s a method to his madness: Hsieh only wants employees who are committed to the […]

Work Hard or Work Smart

(This post first appeared on where I am a frequent guest coach and blogger.) Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on linkedin   In the past month, I have asked a number of clients how clear they were on what their manager expected of them and what their managers’ priorities were for the next 30 days. Only […]

Are You Playing To Win or Playing to Not Lose?

Since the economic downturn began, it seems that “playing it safe” has become a national pastime. Companies have laid off employees, instigated hiring freezes, and focused on cost-cutting measures rather than seeking to grow and prosper. While many of them have money, they are afraid to use it due to uncertainty in the marketplace.That’s called […]

Facing Your Fears and Feeding Your Dreams

How are you…and how is your New Year  so far? For some of us, the answer would be “Good…no, I mean really good!” For some of us, the answer would be”Not so good, I’ve been kind of stuck” and for others of us the answer would be “I’m just holding on. I thought this year […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Believe!

Believe it or not, 2013 is just around the corner! If you have been thinking about how you would like the new year to be one of discovery, growth and achievement, here is a tip:”Don’t believe everything you believe! If you want things to change in your life, you must change first. Life and the […]