The Magic Of Asking For What You Want

I had an interesting conversation with my client Paula* yesterday. The week before had been tough at work, and she was down on herself for not “doing better.” Then, yesterday, Paula was in a much different place and told me about all of the great things that had happened in a week’s time. Curious, I […]

Question Everything

We have beliefs about everything, but not all of our beliefs are helpful or defensible: Beliefs about self (“I’m not a risk taker.”) Beliefs about others (“He’s an idiot!”) Beliefs about our future (I can’t get a better job in this economy.”) Beliefs about money (“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Technically true, but what are […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Believe!

Believe it or not, 2013 is just around the corner! If you have been thinking about how you would like the new year to be one of discovery, growth and achievement, here is a tip:”Don’t believe everything you believe! If you want things to change in your life, you must change first. Life and the […]

This Way to Happiness!

Happiness isn’t an all or nothing proposition where you are either happy or unhappy—life isn’t that simple. We are all on the continuum of what we call happiness and no doubt you are happy about some things in your life and not so happy about others. Wherever you are on your journey, there is always […]

How To Deal With Change You Don’t Want: The Truth Will Set You Free

How do you deal with something in your life you don’t want? What really works when it comes to changing your life? Do you need to focus on the positive and pretend you aren’t upset? In my last post, I dealt with how to deal with change you don’t want, and the next four blog […]

What It Takes To Be Happy: Self-Love!

So far we have talked about two strands in the tapestry of happiness: • Self-Confidence • Vision Today we are going to look at the role of Self-Love in happiness; a topic that has created a lot of controversy, confusion and ironically, unhappiness! Think about these questions: • Should you love yourself? • How much […]

Not Paid What Your Worth?

One of my favorite questions to clients and seminar participants is “Are you getting paid what you’re worth?” The answers and the looks I get are interesting! A good percentage of people tell me they are worth more than what shows up in their paycheck. How about you? Ask yourself yourself this question and see […]

Prosperity And Your Subconscious

Most of my clients have wanted to earn more money. And some have told me they believe they’re capable of earning more. What about you? Do you want to be more prosperous, not only in health, relationships and happiness, but also in the realm of money? We can all earn more. It begins with our […]