Denial in the Workplace

Over the course of  the past two weeks, I’ve had discussions with three senior managers about various challenges their organizations are dealing with. Or to be more precise, challenges the senior leaders are not dealing with. For instance: A middle manager with a history of claiming credit he’s not due—while denying credit to those who […]

Magnetic Thinking

We’ve all heard of the Self-fulfilling prophecy. What we believe and expect to happen tends to happen. I call that “Magnetic Thinking.” Our thinking, our beliefs, our assumptions and our expectations are infused with energy that attracts people, resources and circumstances that are aligned with our thoughts and beliefs. Does that sound “Woo-woo” to you? It’s […]

The Magic of Looking Inside Yourself

When things aren’t going so well, it’s easy to think the problem is “out there.” I know because I’ve been there. In fact, in 2008 I was in a dark place for almost a year and I was looking for the problem and for solutions everywhere but inside me. If something isn’t going right for […]

Why Your Happiness Matters

During the twelve years I was a psychotherapist in private practice (and in the eight plus years I’ve been a life coach and an executive coach) I’ve never had anyone come to me with this simple request: “I want to be happier.” The truth is, most people have mixed feelings about happiness. On one hand, […]

How to Create What You Want in 2015

If you want to know what 2015 will be like for you, it’s not hard to predict. What will happen over the next twelve months is largely dependent upon what you expect to happen—what you believe will happen. 2015 won’t be what you want it to be. What you believe and expect to happen will […]

Are You Ready to Roar?

    Are You Ready to Roar? When we come into this world, our instinct is to be who we naturally are, to know what we want, to communicate our needs and desires and to assume we are worthy of all of them. We come into this world ready to “roar”—to fully express ourselves. Beginning […]

Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today

Alan’s “Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today” How will I communicate with myself today to fuel my mind, body and spirit? (The truth is, if you master this one thing, you will be living in a rare space.) How can I offer myself unconditional support, on all levels, to thrive today? Who is most important in […]

Stand By Me: What Your Employees Really Need

One of my all time favorite songs is “Stand By Me.” Whether it’s the original version by Ben E. King or Bono and Springsteen or others, the heartfelt plea of the song never fails to get to me. Here’s another one: “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. Truer words were never put to music: Sometimes […]

Don’t Set Goals For 2014

A friend and colleague emailed me a few days ago to ask me if I had set my goals for the upcoming New Year. I hadn’t yet–and my suggestion for you is to hold off setting any goals for next year for now. (By the way, if you supervise or manage anyone at work, apply […]

You Love to Give–What About Receiving?

One of my favorite authors and  speakers is Randy Gage. His post today was about how good we are, not at giving, but at receiving. While others are writing this week about giving, Randy wrote about receiving–and rightfully so. We are more comfortable with giving than receiving, myself included. And before you say, “Not me, […]