A Key to Employee Engagement: Enlightened Leadership

According to the most recent research from Gallup, our “employee engagement” problem isn’t getting better. What is employee engagement and what does it mean to be engaged at work? Being engaged at work means you have an emotional connection to what you do and to the people you do it with and you’re willing to […]

How To Influence and Lead Your Boss, Colleagues, Team Members…and Yourself

The word “Leader” is usually a title given to someone with official leadership responsibilities–that’s unfortunate, because the truth is we are all leaders. We need to lead and influence those “above” us, “across” from us, “down” from us (if that applies) and let’s not forget that it all starts with leading ourselves! Today I am […]

Employee Recognition: A New Paradigm

I am happy to introduce you to Stan Phelps as my guest blogger today. Stan is the CMO (Chief Measurement Officer) at 9 Inch Marketing and the author of “What’s Your Green Goldfish – Beyond Dollars: 15 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement and Reinforce Culture” You don’t have to be a manager to get value from Stan’s […]

Employee Engagement: Lessons From the Army

Alan’s Note: I’m happy to post a guest blog today by Army Sergeant T. J. Trent. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his service–and for the personal story and leadership insights he is sharing with us. If you think being a leader in the military is without challenge, think again. Here’s Sergeant […]

Seven Secrets to Happiness! (New Kindle Book)

Source: http://media.photobucket.com/image/happiness%20is%20free/jadeyladi_2006/happy.jpg?o=48 What would it take for you to really love your life? For many of us, answering that question isn’t as easy as it seems. Life has a way of shaking things up and rearranging everything–leaving us with uncertainty, confusion and a medley of emotions. If we took a poll and asked a hundred […]

What Success Feels Like

Alan’s note: This post originally appeared in http://adventuresofapicunurse.blogspot.com/ The author is my daughter who is a Nurse Practitioner in a pediatrics intensive care unit of a major hospital in the U.S. What Success Feels Like In my last post (here), I talked about how incredible successfully intubating a patient was. Except that I was only […]

Stress: The Mental Aikido Reponse

A “Mental Aikido” Special Report Unresolved stress strikes at the heart of performance and morale, but stress isn’t the problem you think it is. The problem lies in a passive response to both positive stress and distress and the solution lies in using stress to your advantage, actually making it work for you. Here are […]

Do You Criticize Yourself Too Much?

Would you like to change a behavior or to improve your life in some way? Maybe earn more money, lose weight or really enjoy your relationship with your significant other? Whatever you want in your life, here’s a secret to getting it: When you think about yourself or about what you’ve done or what you […]

Why You Should Send Yourself A “Congratulations” Card!

I was talking to a client today, listening to a recent success she’s had. She was happy about it, really happy. And I was happy for her. She not only reached a significant goal, she exceeded it. Naturally, I asked her how she was going to celebrate her success. She had been thinking about that […]