Warren Buffett Is an Idiot And We Can Learn a Lot From Him

You might be thinking I’m the idiot for saying Warren Buffett is an idiot. Fair enough. But I’m only repeating what Mr. Buffett said about himself. Just recently, his investment company invested in Amazon and here’s what Mr. Buffet said: “I’ve been an idiot for not buying (2019)In 2018 Buffett said, “I had no idea […]

A Powerful Tool for Performance

I’m reading a great book now, Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life by Eugene O’Kelly, the former CEO and Chairman of KPMG. one of the top accounting firms in the world. Mr. O’Kelly tells the story of years ago when he ran the famous San Francisco Bay-to-Breakers race with his nine-year-old daughter. The […]

A Leadership Kick In the Ass

One of my favorite authors on leadership is Bill Treasurer–and you can get a free chapter from his new book out today. Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge said, “This is one of the most unique and valuable books you will read all year, and I highly recommend it.” Below is an article Bill […]

This Guy Is Changing Young Lives

I recently came across someone who inspires me and who is doing incredible work with youth–someone who is changing their lives and doing it all on a volunteer basis. This is someone with vision, passion, talent and a drive to be a force of nature in a unique way. His name is LeSean Shaw. I […]

Why “Just Do It” Is Great For Nike But Not For You

When it comes to “motivating” others (and ourselves) there are three well-known phrases I see and hear a lot: “Just Do It!” “No excuses!” “No one owes you anything!” As a former psychotherapist and now as a coach for the past decade, I have spent thousands of hours with individuals and couples and also with […]

You Can Have More Happiness, Here’s How

If you read a book on happiness or listen to a speaker on the topic, we’re told that many, if not most people, have a happiness problem—they’re just not that happy. You won’t hear that from me though. I think most people are fairly happy. They’re “happy” in several areas of their life but not […]

How To Get The Promotion or Raise You Deserve

A client of mine was just offered a management position. More than that, he was offered a significant raise and very attractive overall compensation package. That happened because he knows some things most people don’t. What about you? Would you like a raise? Have you been thinking about asking for a raise? If you asked […]

Learning Happiness

Recently I wrote a post about my new grand daughter, Isabella Rae Lerma. She is perfect, right now, as we all are, in our true essence. When it comes to our essence and who we really are, there is nothing to criticize, condemn or judge. “Bella” is ten weeks old now and I haven’t heard […]