Expect the Best: Look Within, Not Outside

2014 will be here before you know it. Have you slowed down enough to imagine what you want for the next twelve months?  And have you reviewed how the last twelve months have been for you? Maybe you’ve had a stellar year, if so, I’m happy for you. It’s easier to expect more “success” when you can look back […]

Listening and Self-Delusion

I received a group email from a colleague the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing. The topic of the email was on communication and this is how he summed up his communications skills: “I love to hear myself talk. It’s nice to have others hear me sometimes, too.”   He was joking, but it got […]

Enlightened Leadership

A few weeks back I spent a couple of days with a senior leader who wanted to develop his “leadership intelligence.” He has produced outstanding results in many ways and he has superb “technical skills,”  but his people skills were suffering. As a result, his relationships were suffering as well. Great leaders produce great results in one or […]

“Shut Up and Listen”

Families and companies have a lot in common. After all, both families and companies are made up of people. That means there are plenty of opportunities for misunderstanding,  unresolved conflict and power plays. On the positive side, there are plenty of opportunities for connection, collaboration and the option of sharing power. When we aren’t connecting, collaborating and sharing the […]

Transforming Your Circumstances: Three Insights From Clients

Several of my clients have found new career opportunities in the past year after long periods of struggle. Others have reconnected with their spouses or life partners and others have rekindled long lost dreams. I thought I would share three lessons they learned along the way. We can create our own circumstances: We hear all […]

Superman’s Strategies For Reaching Your Dreams

I haven’t seen the new Superman movie yet, but I have watched three interviews with actor Henry Cavill, who is our new Superman. Here are three insights I’ve gained from listening to the newest Clark Kent:    • Even “Superman” has setbacks. Henry talked about the long road he travelled to get to his epic role in Superman. […]

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows YOU!

The Harvard Business Review Research Report recently featured an article on “The Sponsor Effect” and it reveals why many women are finding it hard to climb the corporate ladder. One key finding stated women underestimate the need and value of having a “sponsor” at work for obtaining promotions, key assignments and tapping into the “unwritten rules” […]

The Surprising Difference Between Taking Responsibility And Criticizing Yourself

Whether it’s at work or in life, when things go wrong, most of us want to take charge and fix things. However, in my work as a consultant and coach (and as a former psychotherapist) I’ve found that while we think we’re taking responsibility, often we’re actually blaming ourselves. The problem with self-blame is that it […]

The Magic Of Asking For What You Want

I had an interesting conversation with my client Paula* yesterday. The week before had been tough at work, and she was down on herself for not “doing better.” Then, yesterday, Paula was in a much different place and told me about all of the great things that had happened in a week’s time. Curious, I […]

Change: What Gets In Our Way

Have you ever wondered why you don’t change more or change faster–when it comes to something you say you want? We are hard-wired to adapt, change and transform, so why doesn’t it happen more or happen faster. Have you wondered why your company seems to keep doing the same old things even though they just […]