Are You Ready to Roar?

    Are You Ready to Roar? When we come into this world, our instinct is to be who we naturally are, to know what we want, to communicate our needs and desires and to assume we are worthy of all of them. We come into this world ready to “roar”—to fully express ourselves. Beginning […]

Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today

Alan’s “Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today” How will I communicate with myself today to fuel my mind, body and spirit? (The truth is, if you master this one thing, you will be living in a rare space.) How can I offer myself unconditional support, on all levels, to thrive today? Who is most important in […]

Stand By Me: What Your Employees Really Need

One of my all time favorite songs is “Stand By Me.” Whether it’s the original version by Ben E. King or Bono and Springsteen or others, the heartfelt plea of the song never fails to get to me. Here’s another one: “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. Truer words were never put to music: Sometimes […]

Bella, You Are Perfect

“Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves.”-Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D. Your Self-Concept, how you see and feel about yourself, impacts everything in your life. It’s is like a thermostat that regulates the level of your happiness, your income, your health and your overall ability […]

A Key to Employee Engagement: Enlightened Leadership

According to the most recent research from Gallup, our “employee engagement” problem isn’t getting better. What is employee engagement and what does it mean to be engaged at work? Being engaged at work means you have an emotional connection to what you do and to the people you do it with and you’re willing to […]

Amazon Pays Unhappy Employees to Leave

How much money would it take to get you to quit your company and move on to another opportunity? Even if you knew what that number is, I bet your company wouldn’t pay it. But two of the best companies in the world would and do; Amazon and Zappos. Why? Because they know if you’re […]

Who Is The “Real You”?

“Know Thyself.” We don’t really know the origin of that statement, but most of us would agree with the importance of it. Most people would say they know who they are. On one level, I’m sure they do. But what about deeper levels? How deep have we actually gone in our quest to know who we […]

Leaders: What Your Followers Are Afraid to Say

When it comes to leadership, the higher you go, the more isolated and insulated you become from your followers. That means you’re not likely to even know the one question that’s on the mind of every one on your team or in your organization. What question is that, you ask? It’s this question: “Why should […]

Don’t Set Goals For 2014

A friend and colleague emailed me a few days ago to ask me if I had set my goals for the upcoming New Year. I hadn’t yet–and my suggestion for you is to hold off setting any goals for next year for now. (By the way, if you supervise or manage anyone at work, apply […]

You Love to Give–What About Receiving?

One of my favorite authors and  speakers is Randy Gage. His post today was about how good we are, not at giving, but at receiving. While others are writing this week about giving, Randy wrote about receiving–and rightfully so. We are more comfortable with giving than receiving, myself included. And before you say, “Not me, […]