Instant Happiness

About a month ago I delivered my two day workshop, “Leader as Coach” for a large organization. Everyone there was very smart and accomplished and wanted to learn how to coach their teams. On the second day, I was ready to have them do an exercise that demonstrates the power of positive feedback and how […]

Your Self-Concept and Success

Everyone wants to be successful, happy and fulfilled in life. We want to succeed in our careers, relationships, health and everywhere else. What does it take to become and achieve our goals and dreams and what gets in the way? Can we really change and grow? Are there limits to what we can do and […]

Inspire Yourself to Greater Achievements

As an executive coach, I have the privilege of working with successful individuals and companies. Over the years I’ve noticed how my clients use their success to inspire themselves to even greater heights. That’s in contrast to what many people do, and that is to respond to their success with a sense of “satisfaction”—meaning complacency. […]

Denial in the Workplace

Over the course of  the past two weeks, I’ve had discussions with three senior managers about various challenges their organizations are dealing with. Or to be more precise, challenges the senior leaders are not dealing with. For instance: A middle manager with a history of claiming credit he’s not due—while denying credit to those who […]

Magnetic Thinking

We’ve all heard of the Self-fulfilling prophecy. What we believe and expect to happen tends to happen. I call that “Magnetic Thinking.” Our thinking, our beliefs, our assumptions and our expectations are infused with energy that attracts people, resources and circumstances that are aligned with our thoughts and beliefs. Does that sound “Woo-woo” to you? It’s […]

An Uncomfortable Question

None of us really comes close to the edge of our true potential. We don’t even know what our real potential is. In fact, we all have unexpressed potential we don’t have a clue about. True, a few of us seem to have expressed our full potential in certain areas of our life. That’s why we […]

Coach or Critic?

Monday I was interviewed on a popular podcast on the subject of happiness. Two thirds of the way through the interview I was asked to share one of the secrets from my book “Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness.” All of a sudden my mind went blank for a second while I thought, “Which ‘secret’ do […]

Coach Yourself to Greatness

Coach Yourself to Greatness Last year a large government agency related to health asked me to design and facilitate a two day workshop on coaching for their supervisors and managers. I did the workshop twice last year and because of the results I’m doing it again twice this year. I’m also working with other companies […]

Mastering Your Emotions

In the past two weeks, I’ve worked with a number of clients dealing with a crisis, going through a conflict at work or home or who are dealing with some incredibly challenging situations in life. “Robert” is one of those clients. He’s a manager and he “lost it” last week—lost his cool, that is. He […]

The Magic of Looking Inside Yourself

When things aren’t going so well, it’s easy to think the problem is “out there.” I know because I’ve been there. In fact, in 2008 I was in a dark place for almost a year and I was looking for the problem and for solutions everywhere but inside me. If something isn’t going right for […]