Why Your Happiness Matters

During the twelve years I was a psychotherapist in private practice (and in the eight plus years I’ve been a life coach and an executive coach) I’ve never had anyone come to me with this simple request: “I want to be happier.” The truth is, most people have mixed feelings about happiness. On one hand, […]

How To Get The Promotion or Raise You Deserve

A client of mine was just offered a management position. More than that, he was offered a significant raise and very attractive overall compensation package. That happened because he knows some things most people don’t. What about you? Would you like a raise? Have you been thinking about asking for a raise? If you asked […]

How to Create What You Want in 2015

If you want to know what 2015 will be like for you, it’s not hard to predict. What will happen over the next twelve months is largely dependent upon what you expect to happen—what you believe will happen. 2015 won’t be what you want it to be. What you believe and expect to happen will […]

Three Simple Ways To Boost Your Happiness Today

When was the last time someone asked you, “What can I do for you that would make you happy today?”Has it been a while? I’m not suggesting you don’t have people who care for you, I know you do. However, I do know everyone (your family, friends and co-workers)  is busier than ever and have […]

Three Simple Truths About Happiness

Three Simple Truths About Happiness   You likely know that the subject of happiness is a hot topic. There’s good reason for that. Despite all the books and seminars on happiness, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to happiness in life or in the workplace. If you read one book, it will tell you pursuing […]

Learning Happiness

Recently I wrote a post about my new grand daughter, Isabella Rae Lerma. She is perfect, right now, as we all are, in our true essence. When it comes to our essence and who we really are, there is nothing to criticize, condemn or judge. “Bella” is ten weeks old now and I haven’t heard […]

Are You Ready to Roar?

    Are You Ready to Roar? When we come into this world, our instinct is to be who we naturally are, to know what we want, to communicate our needs and desires and to assume we are worthy of all of them. We come into this world ready to “roar”—to fully express ourselves. Beginning […]

Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today

Alan’s “Seven Questions To Rock Your World Today” How will I communicate with myself today to fuel my mind, body and spirit? (The truth is, if you master this one thing, you will be living in a rare space.) How can I offer myself unconditional support, on all levels, to thrive today? Who is most important in […]

Bella, You Are Perfect

“Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves.”-Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D. Your Self-Concept, how you see and feel about yourself, impacts everything in your life. It’s is like a thermostat that regulates the level of your happiness, your income, your health and your overall ability […]

Who Is The “Real You”?

“Know Thyself.” We don’t really know the origin of that statement, but most of us would agree with the importance of it. Most people would say they know who they are. On one level, I’m sure they do. But what about deeper levels? How deep have we actually gone in our quest to know who we […]